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There's plenty of stalls at the Shamrock Showdown Super Show! Come join us on March 29-31 in Jacksonville, Florida. Move in day for vendors at the Shamrock Showdown is March 28th, 2019. 

Spring special! Reveal 4-N-1, the Official Ground Tool of the NBHA is offering NBHA members $500 off any Reveal 4-N-1. Special ends April 15, 2019. Call 937.444.2609 for more details. Also, please note our new NBHA fax number is 706-823-3790. 

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Download the Vendor Application for the 2019 NBHA Youth World Championships here

This vendor hall will sell out, so first paid, first served.

MAIL OR FAX TO:  National Barrel Horse Association, 725 Broad Street, Augusta, Georgia 30901

Phone: 706 823 3728 | Fax: 706 823 3700 | Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Subject to the rules governing exhibitors and pending acceptance by the National Barrel Horse Association

2019 NBHA State Championships


ALABAMA, June 6-9, Montgomery

CONNECTICUT, September 20-22, Oneco

LOUISIANA, April 13-14, Gonzales

MASSACHUSETTS, September 20-22, Oneco

NEBRASKA, June 14-16, Broken Bow

NORTH CAROLINA, June 21-23, Lake Waccamaw

RHODE ISLAND, September 20-22, Oneco

VIRGINIA, September 20-22, Lexington

WYOMING, September 20-22, Rock Springs

Shamrock Showdown Super Show

Event Information

2014 Event date to be announced.

Click here for 2013 Results

BHA Wild Card Instructions

Congratulations on your wild card win!!!
Below are instructions on how to enter the World Championships.

A wild card win entitles you to one invitation to the World Championships. Wild cards are transferable. Only the winner, whose name must appear on the front of the wild card, or a legal transfer, may use it. (transfer sheet must be properly filled out and attached to wildcard)

A wild card may be used in any division. It is not limited to the division in which it was won.

You may use as many wild cards as you hold at any one World Championships. However, you are limited to four entries in a class (Open, Youth, Senior) including district qualifications.

Wildcards may be used at either World Championship show. Wildcards stating “Youth” can be used at the “Open” World championships. Wildcards stating “Open” or “Senior” can be used at the “Youth” World Championships (Age restrictions on Youth still apply to enter the show)

Be sure that you watch for the World Championships entry form in the Barrel Horse News. 
You are responsible for getting your entry form in by the deadline.

DO NOT LOSE IT!! Wildcards will not be replaced!
The ORIGINAL certificate must accompany your entry.

Wild cards may be used anytime after you win one.

Wild cards do not expire.

Because the Youth is an aged event, members must be 19 or younger on January 1st of the year they intend to use the wild card in the Youth World Championships.

Send the following items to the Show Office:

  1. Your completed World Championship entry form.
  2. All fees (A wildcard is an invitation to the show, contestants still pay the same fees as everyone else).
  3. Your original wildcard certificate. 
  4. A completed transfer sheet if you are a transfer owner.
  5. Your entry form and fees must be received in the Show Office by the deadline specified on the World Championships entry form.

If you have any questions regarding your wild card, please call us at the Show Office (706) 823-3728.


Click here to download a transfer form.

Click here to download a Director's Wildcard Application.

Download Acrobat Reader

If you have any questions regarding your wild card, please call us at the Show Office (706) 823-3728.

NBHA World Champions

Below is a list of previous and current NBHA World Champions in the 
Open - Senior - Sweepstakes - Youth and Teen Divisions

1D Lacy Childress LS Wonder Boy 14.295
2D Don Keller Perky Pacific 14.824
3D Brian Langworthy Indys Jet Line 15.326
4D Jaclyn Galloway Five S San Man 16.297
1D Mesa Leavitt Junior 14.185
2D Christina Dusendang Bug Ya For Moolah 14.712
3D Savannah David Dusty's Lynx 15.186
4D Kurt Sears Dakota 16.210
1D Cody Bauserman VF Red Bully 14.081
2D Nicole Love Fifth Of Jack 14.595
3D Raymond Reed Jayeight Van Fleet 15.117
4D Carrie Palmer Two Bits 16.106
1D Taylor Carver Papa Stop 14.104
2D Savannah Swann Tiny's Lady Cat 14.612
3D Dawn McCarty Mag Bet 15.107
4D Danielle Shane Miss Molly Mark 16.123
1D Sarah McDonald GC Highly Motivated 14.051
2D Susan Justus Packin Heat 14.552
3D Drew Benefield Shasta 15.056
4D Janet Epperson Cowboy Way 16.052
1D Tyrney Steinhoff Nate Shilabar 14.084
2D Shelli Overholt Free Spirited Miss 14.600
3D Eddie Almond Eddie Almond 15.141
4D Patricia Brown Pete's Sandpiper 16.168
1D Jamey Hunt Bellefous 13.778
2D Kelly Cumbee Peppy's Black Classic 14.285
3D Carrie Dean Next Thing Smoken 14.784
4D Charlene Houston Cowboy 15.783
1D Tanya Steinhoff Nate Shilabar 13.971
2D Margaret Thigpen Away With Cash 14.517
3D Warren Morgan Mr. Frosty Smith 14.973
4D Tammy Thomason Cals Gabrielle 15.989
1D Angie Meadors Ramblin Troubles 14.483
2D Cheryl Edmonds Ima Chic Six 14.987
3D Roxanne Dawson Checks Lucky Chip 15.494
4D Kim Burkhart Buzzies Goldfinger 16.574
1D Shawn Jackson Picture Me Streakin 14.470
2D Josh Timberlake SC Strkin Effort 14.972
3D Louis Fincher The Church Lady 15.473
4D Natalie Fleming Miss Cody Lena 16.504
1D Jane Melby Coal Thunder 14.425
2D Lue Hansen Stormy Magnum 15.44
3D Janna Presilla Cowgirl 16.456
1D Willard Reynolds Bunny Trucker 14.915
2D Rosanna Cash Ima Two Eyed Star 15.915
3D Rhonda Dalton Luck's Midnight Boomer 16.918
1D Jason Smith Risky Chris 14.724
2D Buddy Houston Rockett Dancer Too 15.784
3D Barbara Ragland Pokey Salty Bar 16.759
1D Gina Young Cool Prospector 14.540
2D Donnie Smith Howies Stinker 15.548
3D Charles Clark Jessie 16.578
1D Daniel Nelson D H Special Bug 14.757
2D Richard Reuter No Limit To My Speed 15.770
3D Cheryl Strohm Beau Bandit Beaver 16.774
1D Barbara Eastep She Will Pass 15.023
2D Christal Garrett Macs Rag Doll 15.568
3D Jo Ann Jones Illoominate Me 16.261
1D Troy Crumrine Lucky Irish Moon 15.074
2D Debbie Pierce Ima Dud 15.270
3D Tiffany Maxwell Tigers Roc Red Man 15.740
1D Jeff Keeney Streakin USA 14.476
2D Rene' Hefner Diamantoe 14.993
3D Tommy Dixon Doctor Easily 15.552
4D Marilyn Cunningham Moonlite Pistol 16.501
1D Mike Green Nutin Butahounddog 14.527
2D Roger Bracken Positively Cash 15.033
3D Mitch Shoemake Lurch 15.677
4D Cindy Knox Fast thunderin Jim 16.529
1D Jeff Keeney Streakin USA 14.339
2D Jo Anne Harvey Themansclassyone 14.877
3D Linda Stenerson Ms Dash Ta Fame 15.353
4D Joan Bennett Rita 16.371
1D Brad Wagner Brand Me Lucky 14.632
2D Roger Bracken Positively Cash 15.236
3D Margaret Brown Inawonder 15.633
4D Billy Tolbert Boston Cruiser 16.753
1D Chuck Tolbert What A Sharp Chick 14.170
2D Richard Ison Georgia Firewater 14.704
3D J T Champy Pour On Some More 15.286
4D Ed Adamson Packin Jet Flames 16.208
1D Chuck Tolbert What A Sharp Chick 14.456
2D Carolyn Brooks Breezy's Power Jet 14.957
3D James Archer Kits Movin Violation 15.513
4D Lee Soule Jr Cowboy Candyman 16.467
1D Chuck Tolbert What A Sharp Chick 13.701
2D Carol Kerstetter SC Possem Pie 14.276
3D Johnny McDaniel My Red Hot Truck 14.711
4D Herbert Young Jesse Kay Red Man 15.798
1D Chuck Tolbert What A Sharp Chick 14.504
2D Pat Cheek The Jack of Hearts 15.027
3D Rodney Bartelds Check it out Baby 15.506
1D Chuck Tolbert What A Sharp Chick 14.388
2D Paul Cooper Victorious Anna 14.934
3D Carl Linsenbach Panama Mike 15.419
1D Paul Cooper Ryons Vapor Trail 14.380
2D Marsha Farrar Skip Bobbie Jo 14.891
3D Janet Richmond Cute Little Quest 15.419
1D Janet Dahlen Leas Magic Moon 14.693
2D Bill Cameron Fast Zee 15.809
3D Ron Howell Smash Little Rocket 16.903
1D Paul Cooper Project Rocket 15.196
2D Jo Ann Jones Illoominate Me 16.213
3D Betty Potts Lil Sassy To 17.206
1D Martha Josey Orange Smash 15.019
2D Carl Strickland Effortly Smooth 16.039
3D Bob Market Duke 17.027
1D Arsene Tanguy Separate Rivers 14.790
2D Butch Snyder Skippers Challenge 15.846
3D Steve Matthews Highbrow's Headlight 16.940
1D Billy Evans Swooner's Win 14.983
2D Herbie Bolt CB Hustle 16.133
3D Don Bowen Terry's Golden Jet 17.202
Champion Steven Cole April In The Bayou 15.117
Champion Billy Evans Swooner's Win 15.242
1D Jadi Gibbs Doc Frisco Playboy 13.748
2D Madison Montchal Playing With Effort 14.263
3D Olivia Martin TP Dual Attitude 14.825
4D Tori LeBlanc Pocket 15.803
1D Mesa Leavit Junior 14.820
2D Shelby Wright Leos Quicktime Lucy 15.368
3D Janelle Cannon Patty Tardy Tiara 15.823
4D Mekala White Johnny's Jet Setter 16.825
1D Blaise Bercegeay Red Man Bay 14.937
2D Hannah Pittman Rocks on Fire 15.440
3D Grant McEwen Gator 15.950
4D Mary Morgan Melton Smokes St Royal 16.966
1D Tyrney Steinhoff Nate Shilabar 14.589
2D Katie Brown Bravos Chick 15.173
3D Elise Young Tramp 15.601
4D Ayla Kiepert Shadow 16.660
1D Blaise Bercegay Red Man Bay 14.662
2D Sarah McDonald GC Highly Motivated 15.247
3D Mary Francis Gorsuch Sixt Cleat 15.67
4D Mindy Hill Mia 16.663
1D Brandon Halterlein Steps Tax Return 14.068
2D Chancie Neal Dakota Chiefton 14.615
3D Jared Begnaud Magic Lightnin Spuds 15.115
4D Blake Allen Checotah 16.083
1D Ashley Snedgar Red Man Bay 14.799
2D Reagan Moore Pete 15.315
3D Lydia Halbrook Paco 15.808
4D Lindsey Patrick Leo's Jet Mint 16.826
1D Tanya Steinhoff Nate Shilabar 14.858
2D Kristi Johnson Little Miss Victory 15.362
3D Paul Eaves Top 15.876
4D Brianna Donnell Sassy 16.864
1D Tanya Steinhoff Nate Shilabar 14.229
2D Renee' Lee Socks of Magic 14.746
3D Cori Taylor Ralph 15.239
4D Jacie Lawley Babe 16.238
1D Blake Poe No Piddlen 14.398
2D Randa Lee Socks of Magic 14.910
3D Bailey Jo Simpson Beas yeah Buddy 15.424
4D Bradley Kleihege Pitchfork 16.569
1D Michael Green Red Man Bay 14.699
2D Bailey Sanders Lotsa Octane 15.707
3D Trey Burkhalter Fair Bits McCue


1D Katie Baldree Ms. Tawney Tomboy 15.291
2D Tasha Holliman April Springtime 16.330
3D Cynthia Dobbs Vikings Trickey Jet 17.301
1D Jody Nelson Chain of Events 15.324
2D Joey Zuver Francescas Princess 16.329
3D Michael Joyce Thunder 17.391
1D Steve Truax JR Chicado 14.741
2D Jennifer Nelson Anna's Bell 16.010
3D Kyla Craven Flaming Red Rock 16.806
1D Bonnie Hall Fancy Cissadella 14.903
2D Justin Hayworth Thini 15.904
3D Colleen Berry Sonovastitch 17.032
1D Bonnie Hall Fancy Cissadella 15.053
2D April Way Power Please 15.711
3D Amanda Bellflower Sugar Bars Della 16.668
Champion Ashley Tootle SkipperJoe ThreeBars 14.919
1D Katie Brown Leading Tradition 13.672
2D Tomi Thomas June Bug 14.172
3D Elizabeth Petru Queens Money Man 14.693
4D Heather Patterson Southern Form 15.705
1D Mary Frances Torode Flitin Bug 14.779
2D Jessie Parker Dixie 15.291
3D Jessica Chesmore Hearts A Shaken 15.796
4D Courtney White Lynn's Clasic Law 16.827
1D Corey Breedlove Cash In On Perks 14.711
2D Rayann Fuller Rudy Rodgers 15.219
3D Jordyn Nethken Magnolia Belles 15.718
4D Hadley Murphy Topsail for Cash 16.737
1D Clint VanVolkenburgh Bobbies Chief Jet 14.778
2D Eric Myers Cash For Jenna 15.280
3D Emily Wahlert South of Border 15.792
4D Jocelyn Britton Haul It Home 16.789
1D Tanya Steinhoff Waves 14.718
2D Brittany Steinhauer Flashy Codyboy 15.238
3D Danielle Woodrow Frosty's Dinky Man 15.730
4D Isabella Taylor Bandits Blackie Boy 16.721
1D Tanya Steinhoff Dial A Red Rooster 13.725
2D Dana Haas Shes a Power Train 14.25
3D Amanda Avery Docs B Blaze 14.726
4D Abby Kelly Lil More Smooth 15.744
1D Sage Smith Orange Smash 14.51
2D Ashley Necaise Jettin Four Honor 15.01
3D Tara Fox AJ 15.518
4D Katie Stark Skippers Ole Man 16.587
1D Michael Green Proper Rebel 14.757
2D Brittany Steinhauer Reds Go Go To 15.29
3D Sara Lamb Smilin Gal 15.758
4D Amanda Hope Willie B Money 16.92
1D Justin Powell Heza Lucky Fox 14.636
2D Jeremy James Sprint N Eagle 15.137
3D Trey Clardy Joe 15.655
4D Brittany Cotne Benita Bar Star 16.719
1D Ashley Snedegar VF Coup De Ville 14.204
2D Brett Monroe Gay Bar Casanova 14.726
3D Vickie Kane Honor Behavior 15.209
4D Nicholas Nunley Comet 16.205
1D Tyrney Steinhoff Nate Shilabar 14.360
2D Marne Loosenort Rickashey Ta Fame 14.887
3D Elizabeth Caldwell Sky Look 15.362
4D Del Santandrea Kansas 16.368
1D Sally Kuipers To Pretty To Dance 14.192
2D Kate Keeney Hope to Burn 14.695
3D Lindy Janik Tango 15.194
4D Nicole Knoblock Vital Success 16.197
1D Tyrney Steinhoff Nate Shilabar 14.358
2D Savannah Swann Tiny's Lady Cat 14.867
3D Charlie Walker Favorite Kas 15.379
4D David Thornton Jr Panama in Motion 16.360
1D Dusty Wadsworth Proper Rebel 15.007
2D Debbie Konklin Texas Royal Mark 16.027
3D Lianne Miller Panama's Playboy 17.024
1D Brett Monroe Bunny's Trucker 14.855
2D Anthony Giacobone (tied) Bum Stroll For Gold 15.864
2D Melissa Chance (tied) Tes Explosive Nick 15.864
2D Lee Yancey (tied) King Bar Bonanza 15.864
3D James Britt Steele Bar 16.855
1D Brett Monroe Bunny's Trucker 14.593
2D Gwenn Wilds O'Neal Kallista 15.596
3D Greg Adkins Dees Doll Boy 16.611
1D Mike Green Boleta Jet 15.027
2D Derrick Davis Dinkys Red Lace 16.027
3D Dora Bruner Question 17.041
1D Robert Stivers Kid of Honor 14.824
2D Brian Roberts Sonny Sylvester 15.827
2D Amanda Park Pretty Flashy Kid 15.827
3D Amanda Wells Lills Best 16.824
Champion Todd Holder Taylor Go Mine 14.922

World Show Archives

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View NBHA Champions from previous years

2012 NBHA State Championships

Note: Amounts listed are amounts paid by NBHA in Matching Funds for the State Championships.

ALABAMA June 7-10 Rainsville TBD
HAWAII July 15 Haiku TBD
INDIANA July 11-15 Edinburgh TBD
MONTANA September 28-30 Great Falls TBD
NEW MEXICO October 12-14 Moriarty TBD

2012 NBHA National Show Schedule

Note** - If a show provides an underline when you place your mouse cursor over it, clicking it will take you to the registration form. Text under the event title that indicates "Click here for all Event Information" contains a link for event information. Clicking that link gives you access to links for downloading registration forms as well as information on stalls and results.

Click Here to download a printable PDF copy of all 2012 Events.

March 15-18
7 days til entry deadline!
April 13-15
April 27 - 29
May 25-27

Great Lakes National

Gifford, Illinois
May 31 - June 3

Professional's Choice Vegas Super Show

Las Vegas, Nevada
June 15-17

Syracuse New York Super Show

Syracuse, New York
June 22-24

Can/Am - Midland SuperShow

Midland, MI
July 22-28

Youth World Championships

Perry, Georgia

Aug 16-19

Colonial National

Lexington, Virginia
Sept 14-16

President's Cup Super Show

N. Augusta, South Carolina
Oct 27- Nov 3

NBHA World Championships

Perry, Georgia


2012 Shows by Independent Producers
Will be posted as soon as they are made available.


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