Dash for Cash schedule-Las Vegas October 27-29

Friday, October 27 Exhibitions 8:00-12:30, Race 1 1:00 

Saturday, October 28, Race 2 8:00 AM

Sunday, October 29, Race 3 8:00 AM


Slots are still available, call 706-823-3728 or fax to 706-823-3700

See you there!

American Quarter Horse Association logoAmerican Quarter Horse Association -- Horse Preferred by NBHA Barrel Racers -- The American Quarter Horse Association is the member organization for the world's most popular equine breed, with 4 million Quarter Horses in more than 70 countries registered with AQHA.  Known for its versatility, athleticism and disposition, the Quarter Horse competes in a variety of disciplines and is the ideal mount for barrel racing.  For NBHA, AQHA sponsors the Best of America's Horse program.  For more information about AQHA, call 806-376-4811 or visit www.aqha.com.

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