ERROR ON COLONIAL ENTRY FORM:  There was an error on the previous NBHA Colonial National entry form regarding the day of the Youth class runs.  Please note that the Youth class at Colonial will run on Sunday beginning at 8AM.  


NBHA Open and Senior World Qualifiers here.




American Quarter Horse Association logoAmerican Quarter Horse Association -- Horse Preferred by NBHA Barrel Racers -- The American Quarter Horse Association is the member organization for the world's most popular equine breed, with 4 million Quarter Horses in more than 70 countries registered with AQHA.  Known for its versatility, athleticism and disposition, the Quarter Horse competes in a variety of disciplines and is the ideal mount for barrel racing.  For NBHA, AQHA sponsors the Best of America's Horse program.  For more information about AQHA, call 806-376-4811 or visit

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