NBHA Youth World Championship Stall List & Draw Posted at www.NBHAResults.com.

Important Youth World Announcement—We have been informed that the gates to the Perry Agri Center will be locked at midnight on Friday, July 20, Saturday, July 21st and Sunday, July 22nd . The gates will reopen every morning at 7 am. We ask that you plan your travel accordingly to avoid inconvenience. No horses or RVs or horse trailers will be allowed in between these hours. No exceptions. Travel safely.



Persons who believe a rule violation or infraction has occurred at an NBHA event, may file a written protest with NBHA Headquarters, PO Box 1988, Augusta, GA, 30903‑1988. The written protest must be accompanied by a $50 protest fee. The protest must be made within 30 days of the incident which is being protested. If the protest proves to be valid, the $50 protest fee will be returned to the person filing the protest. If the protest proves to be invalid, the protest fee will be returned to the district where the protest was filed to be used for district year end awards. In certain cases, determined by the Executive Director, NBHA Headquarters may reserve the right to return the $50 protest fee even if the protest proves to be invalid. This is the ONLY manner in which a protest or complaint will be accepted.

(NOTE: This rule does not prevent Directors and Show Managers from correcting obvious problems brought to their attention, without the submission of a written protest fee.)

Any situation not covered under these rules shall be decided by the NBHA official on site

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